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Find the subscriptions section in your profile for a list of all your current subscriptions.Once you found the victim, hover over “subscribed” and an Unsubscribe button will appear. You can also go to the member’s profile page and click unsubscribe under their cover photo.Your image will show with a dotted lined box in the corner.Expand or shrink the box over the section of the image you would like to use as your avatar (area outside of the box will be cropped out).In the “Cover Picture” section, click on the “Edit Picture” button.

Find the image you wish to upload (minimum size of 200 x 200 pixels), then click on Submit Avatar.Click on Save and Finish Editing at the bottom of the page. A cover photo will be shown to people who visit your profile.While logged in, use the dropdown menu on the top right of the page and click on “My Profile”.If you already have Flash 11.9 and still can't watch the videos, please send us an email and we'll be happy to look into it for you!If you are using a mobile device like a smart phone you should be on m.or our tablet site which both do not require flash.

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