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Julia was born December 23, 1922 near Lustre, Montana to Dan and Helen (Peters) Teske.

Her family lived in New Deal for three or four years, in one of the nicest houses.

By 1971 Bud had a sizable rodeo stock and became a stock contractor himself.

Geer Rodeo Company furnished stock to rodeos throughout Montana.

Marie was preceded in death by her husband, Arvid Hobby; her parents, Ralph Nelson and Mabel Nelson Masters; five sisters, Donna Rennick, Helen Blanchard, Masha Smith, Sharon Anderson and Julie Severeid; and four brothers, George, Buddy, Brent and Ralph Nelson.

Aside from weekly visits to friends in a retirement community, she also played cards at the East Cobb Senior Center.

She made good friends in Georgia and touched many lives.

Julia would use cats as her dolls and put them in a buggy and push them around until they fell asleep.

She attended a one room school at Canterbell Country School, there were 7 or 8 students in her first-grade class. She graduated high school through a correspondence course.

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