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Spec ial Report A WELL-KNIT SUCCESS: Sixr- kilometre... He is advised to have medical attention during this period. Mercury, Mars, and die sun had blessed him with the hi^ihesl class of rq/ijoga which elevated him to a national' level politician.And Tarfelt* is supported by STP’s over 50 years’ experience and 35-oflice nationwide network.It’s no surprise that Tarfelt* set the industry standard for quality.

Imran Khan Is a vei^ sensible man but not a very generous one: and perhaps this is what makes him a great leader of men. The position of Mars in the sixth house in the meen rasihas giiled him with the power of oration and the slreri)^ to overcome the enemy with personal courage.

Kashmir, he feeb, is the core jx^lituai issue hampering trade c(^^peration lietwccn the tw'o neighbouring countries. TODAY BRINGS BUSINESS TO LIFE TA VIEW FROM THE GAULERY ARVi NDLAVAKARE Here's a startling coincidence for those who root for the private sector even In sporting matters: when the Indian team won the World Cup Hockey event in Kuala Lumpur in March 1975, the Indian Hockey Federation had no official president stall! At present, Vajpayee Is passing through the rahu mahadasha in the sub-period of Mercury which operates from May 25, 1992, to December 13, 1994.

Re tailin g THE GRLJB STAKES; Khk I is big busine-ss in India. S ci/ltig the opportunity to debunk govemnicnl bureaucracy and the public aector for slotli and iriet Bcieiicy, and, al the same time, eulo- gising tljc prlvj Ate se Rs. 137.50 Rs.175,- (jaltha maximum out of Stock Exchange In Short term Uaa our dpt baaad on parfad Taehnicala Contact SUDHA INVESTMENTS M-1. Mi LAST DAYS The Only Sale With A European Connection. V .x-l 1 I ii SCPMS Tirnvrmd BImh Mmmcmtkmg sidb luipitt iiai Mte 9iii9D Swiss labn by • Swidklai Hi U, Bd Wd i Dcm Qfflesi fk HT Chtod^e Siiao D. ^Zodl K Sboi L Mscu Ash^ Siiidao Consilaie, Somb^ 400036. Considering his mahadasha and other regular transitions of the planetary configurations.

Success m the invarive tixni rerailers the country is likely more of in the near future. ( .oinpiitci' ,Rifn to maintain low inventories and 101 .50 Rs 151.50 19/8/91 Buy Aoc(»Rs.33^- R$.3900/- '2/11/91 Buy J. AMBA BHAVAN, 84/B DEVJI RATANSI STREET, DANA BUNDAR, BOMBAY-400 009. Vajpayee is bound to get a position of prominence in Indian politics and he will definitely play an important role in forming a ministry at the Centre before March 1993 .

Corpor ate Fron t P AINTING A PKPTTY PICTURE: Managing director Atul Chokscy has helped Asian weather recession with great apkimb. protif margins, w'hile his ui.»i Vri\ng men are helping him retain his rural markers. Dusty, nomicscript and afflicted liy acute water scarcity it may be, but the little town has an uncanny knack of breeding millionaires Last year, its knitwear manufacturers together notched up an export turnover of more rhan Rs. For your annual subscription to Businen Today, pleaie send a Cheque/Demand Draft for Rs. He may suffer health problems between March 1993 and March 1996 because of the debilitated moon in Scorpio.

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■ A reporter asked the great artist l^casso why he tolerated the sexual escapades of his much younger wife.

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