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The course consists of 150 teaching (40min.) hours taken for 8 months (75 each term), plus two mock exams on non working days.The book we are going to use is exam oriented and contains 30 units, each one consisting of 2 lessons and either writing or exam folder.Serial jest opracowany w ten sposób, aby pomóc małym dzieciom koordynować jednoczesne oglądanie ze słuchaniem.

Mr Nickolay Borissov, who is your co-ordinator and the academic director responsible for certificate courses – Mrs Marietta Tusheva, are available to meet and consult you.

We are going to cover one unit (approximately 6 pages) each session.

The course is intended to recycle your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary and the skills at upper-intermediate level and to teach you the strategies and sub skills you will need to successfully pass the exam.

The homework set to you each time will be mainly from the workbook (WB) and you will also have extra exam papers or exercises to complete.

Occasionally exercises from the student’s book (SB) or writings.

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The second mock exam is going to be on either 25You will have the opportunity to develop your speaking and writing skills and train in order to achieve a better performance in these papers in the exam.

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